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Visitor after visitor tells us that Santo Tomás was one of their favorite vacation spots of all time, and they keep coming back year after year. Many have bought property and have built homes here. Many more are building soon.

Favorite Activities

Take a stroll along the expansive beaches, swim with the dolphins, watch the sunset over the ocean from a rooftop terrace, and take in the amazingly starry night sky.

Horseback Riding

Kayak Rentals

Paddle Board Rentals

Other Activities

Santo Tomas Yoga Retreats www.santotomasretreats.com

Walking on the Beach

Dune & Desert Hiking



Boogie Boarding

Skim Surfing



Coming Soon

  • Fishing Trips
  • Private Infinity Pool

What do people love so much about staying in Santo Tomás?

The answer is clear: You simply cannot find this level of seclusion, serenity, and beauty on a private beach for such a good price… anywhere! As you are watching the sunset or walking down the beach past giant shells and whale bones, you get the sense that you are one of a handful of people to ever walk these beautiful shores, and there is a level of peace and relaxation that is indescribable. You’ll have to come and see for yourself!

  • Ejido Alvaro Obregon down the dirt road…
    • La Palma mini market
  • Tour the agriculture
    • Grape vineyards
    • Tour the Kaloca Wine Processing plant
    • Visit a local asparagus farm
  • Visit the “Why”
    • Flea market on the weekends
    • Santa Elena Supermarket – has everything you need!
    • Restaurants
      • There are several good places to eat.
  • Gas Station
  • Shopping
    • Supermarkets
    • Clothing and other shops
    • Souvenirs
    • Hardware stores
  • Small Hotel
  • Visit the La Herradura Gold Mine

Caborca is a hopping city with over 100,000 people and is less Americanized than Rocky Point. Only 60 minutes away from Santo Tomas you can go visit, shop, eat fantastic food, and have an authentic Mexican experience.

  • Tour the Petroglyphs
  • The Nuestra Senora de la Concepcion de Caborca Mission
  • Some wonderful restaurants
    • Fried Chicken
    • La Carreta (amazing tacos and fajitas)
  • El Timon restaurant. Great seafood, try the shrimp-filled chilies.
  • Dairy Queen
  • The Ley Supermarket
  • Visit the local baseball stadium
  • LDS Church
  • Catch a movie at the new Cinemex Movie Theater
  • Leather Shop

Rocky Point is just over an hour away from Santo Tomas and has a wide variety of activities to enjoy:

  • Visit the Oyster farms
  • Rocky Point Zipline
  • Cholla mall
  • Spa and Health treatments
  • Bird Island
  • Several local restaurants
  • Snorkeling
  • Visit the fish market
  • Recreational sport fishing
  • Camping at El Pinacate
  • Whale Watching
  • Biking trails