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Top 5 Reasons Santo Tomas is the Best Place for Family Vacation

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It can be tough deciding where to go on vacation, especially when the whole family is involved. You want to find somewhere that will be family-friendly, but still classy. A place that feels safe but also has activities for everyone in the family to enjoy. Something affordable, but still entertaining. That being said, here are 5 reasons Santo Tomas is the best place to family vacation:

Secluded and Quiet

If you prefer to vacation on the beach in an area that doesn’t have all of the crowds, Santo Tomas is the place for you! Santo Tomas is located off the beaten path, about an hour south of Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point). We have miles of secluded beaches, and our community has 24-hour security, so you can be sure to always feel safe. 

Ideal Location

Even though Santo Tomas is secluded, it’s also close to several nearby attractions. Both Rocky Point and Caborca are less than an hour from Santo Tomas, so it’s easy to take part of a day to visit one of those towns and enjoy the various activities available (from markets or farms to ziplining or bike riding).

MamaChita’s Restaurant

We were very excited to open our own onsite restaurant, Mamachita’s, earlier this year. With a wide variety of Mexican, American, and other cuisine types as well as plentiful menu items, there’s bound to be something for everyone in the family to love!

Activities For the Whole Family

You’re going to love all of the activities we have available at Santo Tomas! From horseback riding to paddleboarding to kayaking, we have activities for all types of interests

Luxury Home Rentals

No need to worry about dealing with crowded hotels at Santo Tomas. Enjoy your family getaway in a luxury home rental on the beach. We have several beautiful and traditional homes that provide plenty of space for the whole family. All include A/C, wifi, full kitchen, ocean view, and more!

*Bonus Reason*

Want to enjoy a beach vacation without having to do all the planning? Book a Santo Tomas Retreat! Including yoga, bonfires, horseback riding, massage, and paddleboarding, it’s bound to be the perfect getaway!

Long story short?  Santo Tomas is the perfect family vacation destination. Ready to book your trip? Check out our rental homes to get started!


Questions to Consider When Investing in Beachfront Property in Mexico

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There are a number of articles out there talking about the scams associated with Mexican real estate, and rightfully so. From bogus contracts to ground never being broken on homes and countless other nightmares, there have been enough horror stories from people who have attempted to buy beachfront property in Mexico that people are justified in feeling wary about it.  

However, there are also several legitimate opportunities to invest in Mexico beachfront property, and for great deals, too. You just need to be aware of the right questions to ask and make sure you thoroughly understand the process so you can catch any red flags that may arise.

If you are considering buying beachfront property in Mexico, be sure to ask lots of questions, such as the following:

  • What does the financing process look like?
  • Who will be building my home? Have they been qualified by the developer?
  • Do local laws and tax rules allow me to turn the home I am building into a rental unit?
  • What is the current land value?
  • What is the timeframe for completing the building of my home?
  • What do I need to know about various rules, laws, and taxes in Mexico that will affect my land/home purchase?

When you choose to buy a lot and build in the Santo Tomás Beach Community, we make sure that you have answers to your questions like the ones above. We also want to make sure you  understand the process from beginning to end, and you can rest assured that you will:

  • Have a direct working relationship with Tom, the owner and developer of Santo Tomás Beach Community
  • Be provided with an understanding of the purchase process as well as the building process prior to signing any contracts
  • Work directly with the design team in creating the home you want
  • Get quotes from multiple builders
  • Be able to discuss changes that you want and a have a voice throughout the process
  • Be provided with a timeframe for the completion process of your home
  • Have a signed contracts for both the land contract and building contract

At Santo Tomás, our goal is to help you to build your dream—without having to worry about the headache and heartache involved with being scammed. Contact Santo Tomas today to find out if our beach community might be a good fit for your beach home dream!   


Cruises out of Rocky Point

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Are you a cruise lover or interested in experiencing one for the first time? If so, we have some exciting news for you that is in keeping with all of the amazing and continuing growth of Sonora, Mexico! After extensive coordination and lengthy planning, it was publically announced this week by the Governor of Sonora, Claudia Pavlovich Arellan, that for the first time ever, a cruise ship will be departing from Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point). The first cruise ship is scheduled to depart later this year, on December 7, 2019.  

There are currently six cruises scheduled between December 2019-February 2020. The cruises will be through the cruise line, Cruise & Maritime Voyages, Great Britain’s award-winning, and most prominent independent cruise line. Each of those cruises will be eleven days long and will be highlighting some of the great beaches and tourist destinations along the beautiful Sea of Cortez including the following stops: Topolobampo, Mazatlán, Cabo San Lucas, La Paz, Loreto, and Santa Rosalía. The ship will then return to Puerto Peñasco at the conclusion of the cruise.

The Maritime cruise ship, Astoria, will be utilized for each of the six cruises already scheduled. The ship has 250 cabins and can accommodate over 500 passengers. And aboard the Astoria, you can expect all of the typical luxuries of any cruise ship: leisure facilities, great dining, onboard entertainment, guest speakers, and more.

Here at Santo Tomas, we love seeing the ongoing growth of Sonora and our neighboring cities and look forward to the economic boost that cruises out of Rocky Point will bring! It’s an exciting time to be involved with the development of the area, and there’s seriously never been a better time to dive into business and real estate opportunities in the Sonora region, including Santo Tomas. Want to learn more? Contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you!


Favorable Exchange Rate

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We know that many people plan their vacations on a pre-determined budget. Because of that, they may look for various deals on activities they would like to participate in or excursions they would like to go on. They might also try to find inexpensive hotels and airfare. Another area for cutting costs is traveling to countries where the exchange rate is in their favor. Mexico is one such budget-friendly destination and will typically fit all of these criteria.

Though it fluctuates regularly, as of December 2018, the exchange rate when traveling from the United States to Mexico is 1 United States Doller to about 20 Mexican pesos. So, needless to say, the dollar can go quite a long way when traveling to and vacationing in Mexico. If you talk to people who have regularly vacationed in Mexico, they will typically report that it’s possible to spend the equivalent of only $30 each day for all of your food and daily activities!

While you can use U.S. currency in some of the more touristy areas, you will most likely be charged more for doing so. You’re going to be better of exchanging dollars for pesos if you want to be able to fully take advantage of the favorable exchange rate. All of the major cities in Mexico have places where you’ll be able to exchange U.S. dollars for pesos.

With reasonable rental home pricing and access to in-home catering, Santo Tomás is an affordable vacation destination in Mexico! Whether for a romantic weekend getaway or a trip for the whole family, we’ve got everything you’re looking for. With private beaches and the Sea of Cortez right outside your door, you don’t even have to leave the community to enjoy fun activities.  

What are you waiting for? Visit our Rental Homes page to pick out the perfect dwelling for your trip and book your dream vacation today without breaking the bank!



Sam’s Club on the way to Santo Tomás

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Sometimes it can be a little hectic getting on the road for your vacation and you don’t have time to grab everything you need. Other times, you realize after you’ve already driven an hour or two out of town, that you forgot some important items! Well, thankfully, if that happens when you’re on your way to Santo Tomás, you’re in luck.

When you’re nearing Puerto Peñasco, if you continue about 3 miles along Highway 8 into Puerto Peñasco, instead of taking the turn onto Highway 3 toward Santo Tomás, Sam’s Club will be on your left.

A membership card is required to shop at any Sam’s Club, and your US membership will work just fine at the Puerto Peñasco Sam’s Club. There are also English-speaking employees, so if you don’t speak Spanish, you will still be able to communicate. It’s a great place to stop and stock up on bulk items for your vacation (especially as each rental home in Santo Tomás has a full kitchen equipped with cooking utensils, allowing you to enjoy all of your home-cooked favorites while you’re on vacation). And, if you don’t have a Sam’s Club membership, or may just need a small item or two, there is a Bodega Aurrera (WalMart) next to the Sam’s Club.

So, you no longer need to fret about forgetting something for your trip or having bulk items take up space during your entire drive. Just make a quick stop in Puerto Peñasco, and you’ll be back on the road and in Santo Tomás in no time!

Puerto Peñasco Sam’s Club address

Blvd. Benito Juárez García S/N, Lagos y Ríos, 83553

Puerto Peñasco, Son., Mexico


Puerto Peñasco Bodega Aurrera (WalMart)

Boulevard Benito Juárez García s/n, Lagos y Ríos, 83550

Puerto Peñasco, Son., Mexico