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Frequently Asked Questions

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Questions about Santo Tomas

What is Santo Tomás and why should I vacation or build a home there?

Santo Tomás is a small and secluded private beach community that is being developed about an hour south of Rocky Point. It includes about 3 miles of pristine beachfront properties surrounded on the north and south by 20 – 30 more miles of pristine beaches which are virtually untouched. You can come and rent a home and experience a piece of heaven, or you can buy a property and build your dream home at the beach for a tenth of what you would pay for something similar in California. Click here to read all about us, and why you should come and experience the serene and family-friendly, private beach community that is called Santo Tomás.

How far is Santo Tomás from Rocky Point? Where is Santo Tomás?

Santo Tomás is a beach community on the eastern shore of the Sea of Cortez located approximately one hour (65 miles) south of Rocky Point by car, and less than 45 minutes south of the new Rocky Point international airport. Click here to see a map and directions.

Can you really own property on the beach in Mexico?

Yes! Through a Mexican Bank trust, you or an American LLC can purchase land in Mexico.

How safe is it to visit Santo Tomás?

Santo Tomás is uniquely secure due to the remote and private access through a single gated entrance which is protected by 24-hour security, as well as state-of-the-art security camera equipment (coming soon.) Hidden just beyond a local agricultural village and then six more miles down an improved dirt road drive, you truly feel you are much safer than you would feel like a tourist in any major U.S. city, or on any major beach. This is not Rocky Point.

Santo Tomás is located in the free trade zone – which includes the regions of Northern Sonora and Caborca. The Arizona-Mexico Commission has worked hard to ensure both safe travel and trade to benefit the entire region. Mexican and Arizona government officials are continually working together to create better roads and more security every year, and hundreds of thousands of people from Arizona, California, and other parts of the United States vacation in Rocky Point and surrounding areas each year. Click here to see some of the exciting developments in the Arizona/Sonora mega-region. (https://www.azmc.org/)
Click here to see our tips for safe travels in Mexico.

How are the roads going down to Santo Tomás?

Mexico has been working hard on the “La Costera” coastal highway which you will take from Rocky Point down to Santo Tomás. Most of the road has already been widened and repaved and is a nice wide 2-lane highway. Even the remaining 15 or so miles of unwidened highway is well-maintained and safe and suitable for any vehicle. Safe roadways are a high priority for the Arizona-Mexico Commission and the local and state governments, whose goal is to assure safe tourism and trade in the area. After you turn off the main coastal highway, you will take a well-maintained and improved dirt road for approximately 6 miles to the private beach community gate into Santo Tomás.

Why is it better to go to Santo Tomás rather than Rocky Point?

If you are into huge crowds of people, noise, dirty streets and beaches, bars and nightclubs, and a lot of people trying to sell you things, then Rocky Point is your place.

However, if you want peace and quiet and clean, private walks on the beach where you may see dolphins playing, and maybe one or two other families, nice neighbors, authentic Mexican food and catering, then Santo Tomás is the best choice.

Santo Tomás is so peaceful and secluded that it is among some of the best places in the world to gaze at the stars. In Santo Tomás – you and your friends and family will have endless possibilities from ATV rides, to kayaking, to fishing, and you can have fun without all the worries and rift-raft of the city and the huge resorts of Rocky Point or California. (click here to see more activities). This is a place where you can experience true relaxation.

What is there to do in Santo Tomás?

Click here to see a list of awesome adventures and activities in Santo Tomás and surrounding areas.

What do I need to do/bring for my trip to Santo Tomás?

  • Passport if you are coming from the U.S. or another country. (The border does accept other forms of ID such as a U.S. birth certificate proving that you are a U.S. citizen for those traveling back into the U.S from Mexico, but a passport is best.
    • You may also want to try looking into the “New” Passport Card for only $45.00. For more info go to www.cbp.gov. (https://www.cbp.gov/travel/us-citizens/canada-mexico-travel)
    • You may also use an enhanced driver’s license called REAL ID if your state participates in the program.
  • Food (Or we can arrange catering for your meals. We also have a restaurant coming soon.)
    • There is a Sam’s Club just outside of Rocky Point that you can stop at on your way down Santo Tomás.
    • There is also a mini-market down the dirt road at the local village.
      Cooler – to transport your food down in.
      Clothing (especially relaxing beach wear 🙂 )
  • Sunscreen
  • Family Games
  • Beach Toys
  • Beach Gear
  • Kayaks
  • Paddle Boards
  • Frisbee, Volleyball Net, etc.
  • ATV/Jetski/Boat, etc.
    • **Make sure if you bring trailers and ATVs/jet skis/boats – that you have documentation proving that you are the owner so that you can cross the border without any problems.

How long does it take to drive to Santo Tomás?

About 4 hours and 45 minutes by car from Phoenix/East Valley or 4 hours from Tucson. It will be a short 35-minute flight from the Mesa gateway airport. (coming soon through Swift Air).

General Questions about safely vacationing in Mexico

Can I use dollars in Santo Tomás and Rocky Point, or do I need to exchange into Pesos?

U.S. dollars are welcome everywhere in this region! You can sometimes get a better deal in stores in the cities like Rocky Point or Caborca if you exchange into pesos, but it is not necessary at all in Santo Tomás.

Can I use my debit and credit cards?

Yes, most major hotels, restaurants and businesses will accept credit cards. We suggest that you notify your credit card company before coming and using it in Mexico, but it is usually no problem at the bigger stores and restaurants. Cash is always a preferred option though.

What if someone in my party is seriously injured or becomes seriously ill and needs immediate medical treatment?

  • There is a Private Medical Clinic and an ambulance at the Why – 25 minutes away. If it’s something serious, an ambulance will take a seriously injured person to the Arizona-Mexico border (2 hours), and a life-flight to a Phoenix hospital.
  • Private Ambulance service in Caborca.
  • Humana and state-of-the-art facilities 3.5 hours away in Hermosillo.
  • We do have anti-venom and other medical supplies available in Santo Tomás, and a local medical clinic is coming soon in the nearby village.
    Rocky Point Airport may allow a life-flight.
  • See our Emergency Contact Information page for more detailed contact information

Is it safe for me to drink the water in Mexico and in Santo Tomás?

The water in the Sonoran/Caborca region is generally considered safe; however, most restaurants and hotels serve bottled water. We would recommend bringing and drinking bottled water; however, the water at Santo Tomás is all from an underground well that is clean and safe – and especially for washing and bathing.

Will my cell phone work in Mexico and Santo Tomás?

  • Yes, most cell phones do work in Mexico and in Santo Tomás. We recommend that you call your cell phone provider to add an International Calling feature which is usually available through most providers such as Verizon and AT&T for a small (5-10 dollar) fee.
  • If you have the option to use Wifi calling, it works great in Santo Tomás as there is wifi in each of the houses.
  • In the larger cities, you can also usually purchase a phone card to call the U.S.

Should I buy prescription medicine in Mexico since it can be found cheaper?

If you purchase medication in Mexico which requires a prescription in the U.S. you should carry the prescription with you to show border customs agents if asked.

Question about travelling to and in Mexico and crossing the border

Can I bring guns into Mexico?

NO. Play it safe!! – do NOT try to bring a gun into or out of Mexico. If you would like to hunt or target practice in Mexico – it is wise to go through a legal Mexican-owned establishment who can rent you the proper permitted equipment.

Can I bring alcohol back with me from Mexico to the U.S.?

You are allowed to bring one liter of alcohol per person across the border.

Can I bring seafood back to the U.S.?

You may bring up to 50 pounds of seafood into the U.S. per vehicle.

What if I experience car trouble while I’m in Mexico? What if I’m stranded on a highway?

You usually do not have to go very far to find cell service in Mexico. Angeles Verdes (Green Angels) help motorists in distress. They drive green and white pickup trucks. For more information on where to find help in case of emergency, click here.

Do I need to adjust my insurance when traveling to Mexico?

You may want to check with your insurance company to inquire about international coverage before your trip.

Tips for safe travels in Mexico

  • Travel during the day as much as possible.
  • Be sure to have your passport and/or birth certificate.
  • If you are bringing a trailer or ATV, make sure you have paperwork which proves that you are the owner of the trailer and the ATV or Jetski or whatever.
  • Obey all traffic rules and signs.
  • Tourist Visas and Auto Permits are not required when traveling to Santo Tomás.
  • Passports are required to re-enter the United States.

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