Visitor after visitor tells us that Santo Tomás was one of their favorite vacation spots of all time, and they keep coming back year after year. Many have bought property and have built homes here. Many more are building soon.

About MamaChita’s

Our restaurant endearingly embraces the nickname of Tom’s mother, grandmother and great grandmother–Mama Chita. Tom’s mother was the pioneer of Santo Tomas. She spent her life bringing Santo Tomas to life and dreamt of the day it would reach its true potential.

The Chef

The owner/chef- David Quiñones. He was trained from the bottom-up. He started with washing dishes at a restaurant in Tucson, Arizona, then became assistant to the chef, then started cooking himself.

He recently had a restaurant in Caborca that was traditional Mexican food and has had other small eateries.  He speaks English and Spanish. His original profession was as an engineer. He worked in the gold mines for a number of years, saving up money and then started in the restaurant industry.