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Reasons to Invest in Mexico Beach Property Series: Lowest Unemployment Rate Worldwide

By September 27, 2018March 19th, 2020Blog, Reasons to Invest
Lowest Unemployment Rate

It’s true. Mexico’s economy is on the rise and on an international level, it has the potential to become a major contributor on the world stage.

Last year, Fox Business News reported that Mexico’s unemployment rate of  3.5% is the lowest unemployment rate worldwide, and the most recent numbers verify that they are holding steady at 3.5%. With a workforce of 54 million people, Mexico has proven itself to be an industrious, ethical, and entrepreneurial nation, ready and willing to work with their North American neighbors.

With international deals coming from The United States, Spain, The Netherlands, and Canada, it’s clear that Mexico’s economy is going to continue to grow, benefiting their citizens and their business partners on our side of the U.S.-Mexico border.

What does Mexico’s unemployment rate mean for you?

The reason Mexico’s unemployment rate matters to U.S. citizens is because Mexico is proving itself to be a close, reasonably priced, and dependable outsourcing and manufacturing partner for American industries. If your business  depends on outsourced manufacturing and production in overseas’ facilities (like India or China) you have to:

  • Pay overseas shipping costs
  • Suffer the delays of ocean traffic
  • Wait for it to clear U.S. Customs

When using Mexico as an alternative to outsourcing needs, these fees and timelines are drastically reduced.

The business growth in Mexico isn’t limited to brick and mortar establishments. The real estate opportunities in Mexico are expanding as well, and here at Santo Tomás, we offer safe and beautiful beachfront properties available to you now. We are far enough from the world for you to be able to relax and close enough for you to drive to your Mexican counterparts. Visit our home sites or building process pages to discover if investing in Mexico beach property might be right for you.


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