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Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Mexico Beach Property

By September 24, 2018March 19th, 2020Blog, Reasons to Invest
Invest in Mexico Beach Property

Is Now the Time for You to Invest in Mexico Beach Property?

Are you looking for a private beach to invest in where you can get away from it all without cutting yourself off from… “it all”?

There are few places left in the developed world where you actually can have it all:

  •     Custom beachfront homes
  •     2 Miles of private beach
  •     Sand Dunes out your front door
  •     The Sea out your back door
  •     A “Dark Sky” at night with nothing but the stars as far as your eyes can see
  •     High-Speed Internet
  •     Dolphins waiting for you in the Sea
  •     Amazing Fishing
  •     Clear water for snorkeling
  •     Potable water
  •     24/7 Security Guards
  •     Satellite TV
  •     International Airport 40 miles away

Santo Tomás, 40 miles south of Puerto Peñasco is one of those places. This one-time sleepy fishing village is situated on the Sea of Cortez and is described by locals as “what Rocky Point used to be like”. Our private community is a perfect place to build your second home, whether you are looking for an escape from your big city living or are looking for investment and business opportunities in an untapped market, you can’t beat Santo Tomás.

The 5 best reasons to invest in Mexico Beach Property are:

  1. Sonoran Economic Growth
  2. Lowest Business Tax in the World
  3. Lowest Unemployment Worldwide
  4. Fastest Growing Real Estate Market in the Americas
  5. Booming Tourism

Do these two lists seem to contradict each other? Sonora is a big State in Mexico and it is growing. The Sonoran People are proving themselves as hard-working, peaceful and entrepreneurial with the announcement of the upcoming “Sky Bridge” shipping project, out of the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport and increased Amazon Prime interest, Sonora is only going to become a bigger player in the international business landscape.

Santo Tomás is the perfect distance from the actual industrial and urban centers of the Sonoran economy to maintain its “Desert Paradise” status. From here, you will be completely isolated in the middle of your sand dune and sea escape, but if an important email pulls you back to the world of business, you’re only a short drive away from the cities where your potential associates and employees will be waiting for you.

If the time is right for you to expand your horizons and claim a piece of paradise for your family, you can accomplish both, here in Santo Tomás.

Call us at 480-861-0355 to learn more.

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