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Investing In The Future

Why Santo Tomás?

Santo Tomás is beautiful, quiet, family-friendly, and the perfect place to build a vacation home or a rental investment home.

  • Santo Tomás is a small and secluded private beach community that is being developed about 40 minutes south of the Rocky Point International Airport.
  • It includes about 3 miles of pristine beachfront properties surrounded on the north and south by 20-30 more miles of pristine beaches which are virtually untouched.
  • You can come and rent a home and experience a piece of heaven, or you can buy a property and build your dream home at the beach, for a tenth of what you would pay for something similar in California.
  • Go in with several friends and build the beach home you always dreamed of.
  • The entire coastline from Rocky Pointe (Puerto Peñasco) to Santo Tomas is a major focus for infrastructure, private and public investment, and safety for all levels of government!  
  • Roads, services, security, and all other tourist amenities are being improved at a rapid pace!

Land value is on the rise, and the economy is perfect right now for investing in Santo Tomás!

  • In the last 3-4 years the Rocky Point area has become more popular and with it, the sales of those properties have gone up dramatically.
  • Just look at what is going on in Rocky Point… Historically whatever happens in Rocky Point follows at Santo Tomás. If you have ever thought of purchasing in Mexico, this is the time and Santo Tomás is the place.
  • Don’t miss this opportunity. You will never get a better price than today.

Imagine if you could have acquired and built in Newport beach 30 years ago...

  1. Homes are built with AC and state-of-the-art modern conveniences
  2. The beaches are not crowded with so many people and vendors
  3. Lower costs than San Diego
  4. Resort quality facilities
  5. Restaurant (coming soon)
  6. Enjoy all of the activities while being in a protected area
  7. Even as Santo Tomás grows, the feel and look will continue to be the same, as we own all the land

Work directly with the owner and developer

Rather than dealing with some high-pressure, commission-driven sales person who is trying to sell you a timeshare or a property you don’t want or need, you will be able to work directly with Tom (the developer and original owner of the Santo Tomás beach community) to find the perfect lot for you and to design and customize your dream home in the beach community.

Infinite Opportunity

The upper Sea of Cortez coastline is now considered by the Mexican Federal Government as Sonora’s Gold Coast and is a top priority for tourism and development. There are airports and cruise ports coming soon, from Rocky Point to San Carlos, and there is no telling how high land values will rise in the coming decade.


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